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Hohleiskegel - Hollow ice cones

Hollow ice cones

Crystal-clear hollow ice cones impress with their particularly aesthetic form. They are popular among professionals and consumers alike. < read more >


Square-sized full ice cubes

The square-sized ice cube is the classic model among the ice cubes. It has gained a cult status and is considered the embodiment of a typical ice cube among many bar keepers and restaurateurs. < read more >

Volleiskegel - Full ice cones

Full ice cones

Full ice cones in cylindrical form are a popular alternative to square-sized full ice cubes.
< read more >

micro cubes


The Micro-Cube fine ice cubes with a temperature of 0° Celscius dispose of unique cooling characteristics. < read more >

Flockeneis - Flake ice

Flake ice

With a temperature of minus 0.5° Celsius, flake ice is appropriate for multiple purposes
< read more >

Scherbeneis - Scale ice

Scale ice

Scale ice has a temperature of minus 6° Celsius and is predominantly used for chilling purposes during storage and transport.
< read more >

Crushed ice


Real crushed ice can be recognized by its unique consistency and brilliant visual appearance. < read more >

Nugget ice


In gastronomy, nugget ice is being used as an alternative to real crushed ice. < read more >

Kücheneinrichtungen - ice makers for kitchens

Ice makers for kitchens / kitchen facilities

Ice cubes are fully in line with the latest trends and are becoming more and more popular. < read more >

High-performance ice preparation components

Innovative ice preparation components for commercial and industrial ice production. <read more>

Major projects and ice factories

Energy-efficient complete solutions for commercial and industrial ice production. <read more>

Competence in ice production.

Grand Prize of Medium-Sized Enterprises 2018

Wessamat Eismaschinenfabrik GmbH, based in IG Nord, was awarded the Grand Prize of Medium-Sized Businesses, the most important German prize for medium-sized businesses. The family business Wessamat was founded in 1986, offers 58 jobs today and is managed by Michael Jäger in the second generation. The manufacturer of ice cube makers, some of which have unique selling points worldwide, equips customers worldwide with equipment. Wessamat has already twice been awarded the Success Prize of the State of Rhineland-Palatinate for its high innovative strength and market success.
One major order that was implemented was the supply of an energy-efficient complete solution for the new ice preparation technology of the Bremerhaven ice works, which replaces the old works built in 1912. The plant supplies the North Sea fishing industry with around 60 tons of ice a day, and energy requirements have fallen by 30 percent.
In future, a demo ice factory in the industrial area North in Kaiserslautern will give visitors and customers an insight into ice cube preparation. The Oskar Patzelt Foundation (OPS) in Leipzig has been awarding prizes to medium-sized companies in Germany since 2005. Patrons are high-ranking representatives of the state governments in the respective federal states. It is represented country widely by service places, one of it is the WFK. The OPS is financed exclusively by donations. The prizes are not endowed, but have a high advertising value. Prizes are awarded to exemplary medium-sized companies. Important criteria are innovative strength, job creation and social commitment. Almost 5,000 companies were nominated in 2018 - the nomination alone is an award!


Innovative ice preparation concepts for the fishing industry

On request of companies in the fishing industry, WESSAMAT takes over the planning, project engineering, delivery and installation of all production and refrigeration plants for the preparation and storage as well as for filling and packaging of different types of ice in various quantities.


Perfect ice for sauna, wellness & spa

As a silver sponsor of the German Sauna Championship 2017 at the thermal bath Obermain Therme Bad Staffelstein, WESSAMAT has proven its competence when it comes to finding the ideal ice for sauna, wellness and spa treatments. Whether it concerns ice fountains, sauna essences, plunge pools, massage treatments, pool bar or gastronomy – WESSAMAT offers the ideal ice maker for any application and requirement. Ask us for free consultation and advice!

Optimum cooling for fresh asparagus

The right cooling during transport and storage is crucial when it comes to keeping recently harvested asparagus crisply fresh on its way to the consumer.
Please note that WESSAMAT has published articles in various German business journals regarding the above mentioned.


WESSAMAT Image video

WESSAMAT develops and manufactures ice makers producing different types of ice for a number of application fields and uses. The following image video gives you an overview of the product range and the different fields of application.

WESSAMAT Eismaschinenfabrik GmbH

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E-Mail: perfect-ice@wessamat.de


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