Full ice cones

Full ice cones in cylindrical form are the alternative to square-sized full ice cubes. Compared to hollow ice cones they have a larger mass and therefore release the melting water more slowly - just like the full ice cubes. Besides this cooling feature, the full ice cone is also popular among many users for its visual appearance (cylindrical form).

For the production of full ice cones, the water necessary for ice preparation is being sprayed through nozzles into round-shaped evaporator caps. In these evaporator caps the atomized water freezes layer by layer, until the evaporation cap is completely full with ice. During the following thawing phase, the completed ice cubes detach from the evaporation caps and can then be taken out of the storage bin of the ice maker.

With the following product lines you can produce full ice cones in cylindrical form in various quantities:

Product line Smart-Line

Click here for more information on these low-cost ice makers with daily performances of 18 kg up to 58 kg.

Product line Smart-Line Dispenser

Click here for more information on the versatile ice cube dispensers for the production and automatic dispensing of full ice cones with a performance up to 30 kg.

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