Perfect technology. Convincing performance. 
The versatile ice makers for the production of hollow ice cones.

The Premium ice makers of the series Top-Line operate on the unique principle of the WESSAMAT wave technology. They are producing crystal-clear and hygienically impeccable ice cubes (hollow ice cones) and are available in different versions with different performances.


Compact and integratable

Top-Line W 21, W 31 and W 51 L/W/LE

Depending on the model, the compact ice makers Top-Line W 21, W 31 and W 51 L/W/LE are producing approx. 24 kg, 35 kg and 55 kg of ice cubes (hollow ice cones) in 24 h. They can be used as detached “table-top models“ or for space-saving reasons be integrated into bar counters.

For complete integration not only the water-cooled models W 21 W – W 51 W are suitable, but also the air-cooled and water-saving models W 21 LE – W 51 LE (air-cooled, fully integratable).

Ice maker W 31 L/W

Ice maker W 31 L/W

Ice maker W 31 LE (air-cooled, fully integratable version)

Convincing performance

Top-Line W 81, W 121 and W 251 L/W

The models W 81, W 121 and W 251 L/W produce 80 kg ice cubes/24 h – 180 kg ice cubes/24 h. In addition to their ice performance they convince by an integrated storage bin with an adequately large ice capacity. They are available as air-cooled and water-cooled model and can also be supplied for the operation with alternative cooling such as for connection to remote condensers or a central cooling system.

Ice maker model W 81 L/W

Ice maker model W 121 L/W (left) and model W 251 L/W (right)

Ice maker model W 120

More information and technical data on the product line Top-Line is available in the current brochure here. (not available yet)


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