2 types of ice. 3 classes of performance.
The unique concept for the production of both, ice cubes and crushed ice.

The ice makers from the product series Combi-Line produce either ice cubes (models EL/EW) or crushed ice (models CL/CW) or ice cubes AND crushed ice (models ECL/ ECW) – however, the customer likes and requires.

The models ECL/ECW have a separated storage bin for ice cubes (hollow ice cones) and crushed ice.

The ice preparation technology is based on the proven WESSAMAT wave technology (link) which not only guarantees reliable and permanent function, but also crystal-clear, hygienically impeccable ice cubes.

For the production of real crushed ice, the crystal-clear ice cubes are crushed by an integrated grinder inside the machine. The result of which is brilliant crushed ice with a unique consistency.

With the integrated crusher module (models CL/CW and ECL/ECW) real crushed ice is generated from the previously produced ice cubes.

Versions and performances:

The ice makers of the series Combi-Line are available with a performance of 80 kg, 125 kg up to 240 kg ice cubes /24 h. All further details and technical specifications of the Combi-Line series can be found here. (not available yet)

Model W 80 ECL with integrated storage bin

Model W 240 EL/EW for the production of ice cubes with stationary storage bin (left) and model W 120 CL/CW for the production of crushed ice with stationary storage bin (right).

Types of cooling:

As a standard, the ice makers are available as air-cooled or water-cooled models. Optionally, they can be supplied prepared for the connection to a remote condenser or to a central cooling system.

Stationary storage bins and mobile ice transport systems:

As a standard, the ice makers of the series Combi-Line are equipped with an integrated storage bin made of stainless steel. For a decentralized supply of multiple consumption stations, some models are also available with a mobile storage bin (ice transport system).

Detailed information on ice makers with mobile ice transport systems can be found on page 7 of the Combi-Line brochure. (not available yet)

Model W 120 CLF/CWF for the production of crushed ice with mobile storage bin.


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