Flake-Line Flake ice makers

Powerful flake ice makers


Flake ice (- 0.5°C) for versatile applications

Ice preparation system: evaporator cylinder with screw conveyor

For 40 to 460 kg per day

Flockeneis PP32

Due to their compact form the ice makers of the product line „Flake Line“ are used in the fields of gastronomy , laboratories, hospitals, bakeries, butcher shops and in retail shops.

They are tailored to the needs of users who require a space-saving and inexpensive device for the production of flake ice (temperature -0.5°C). The flake ice is stored in the integrated, stationary storage bin. The high-performance models FS 400 L and FS 400 W are also available with mobile transport system (mobile storage bins).

Flake ice makers with capacities of more than 460 kg per day are also available.
Prices and delivery times on request.


Types of cooling

The flake ice makers of the series Flake Line are available in air-cooled and water-cooled version. The air-cooled model F 75 L is also suitable for full integration into counters.

All models F 35 L/W to F 125 L/W of the product line Flake Line are available with environmentally friendly refrigerant R 290 (propane). Prices and delivery times are given on request.

More information on the product line Flake Line can be taken from the current brochure here.(not available yet)

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