Really affordable. Really good.
The smart ice makers for small and medium requirements.


The ice makers from the product series Smart-Line convince by their excellent price-performance-ratio. They are the ideal solution for users who are looking for an affordable possibility to produce ice cubes.

The ice makers with spray system are producing cylindrical full ice cones and are available with performances of 18 kg/24 h, 38 kg/24 h and 58 kg/24 h.


The ice preparation technology used for the production of full ice cones of the series Smart-Line is the spray system.


Full ice cones, Ø 27 mm x H 32 mm, weight approx. 18 grams.


Besides the slim, space-saving construction, these ice makers are characterized by the light grey casing with the appealing front design. They are available as air-cooled model or water-cooled model. All water-cooled models as well as the model S 38 L are suitable for integration into counters and modular furniture.


All models of the series Smart-Line are supplied with the environment friendly refrigerant R290 (propane).

Model S 18 L/W (left) and model S 38 L/W (right)

More information on the product line Smart-Line is available in the current brochure here (not available yet).

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