Flake Ice

Flockeneis - Flake ice

With a temperature of minus 0.5° Celsius, flake ice is of versatile use. Due to their form and consistency, the crystalline ice flakes are perfectly appropriate for various cooling tasks. Flake ice is easy to pour and does not so easily stick together in the lower layers when compared to the sharp-edged and much colder scale ice (-7 °C). Thus, the commodities to be cooled can easily be embedded and gently covered.

Flake ice is used for cooling and presenting food in gastronomy and retail, in sauna and spa areas, sports medicine and physiotherapy as well as in laboratories and medical sectors for cooling samples, reagents, blood bottles and organs.

Flake ice is produced by feeding tap water (or treated water) into a freezing cylinder. A thin ice layer is being formed on the inside wall of the freezing cylinder, which is transported upwards by a spiral conveyor. Through this process, crystalline ice flakes are formed at the outlet of the freezing cylinder, which permanently make their way to the storage bin of the ice maker.

With the flake ice makers of the product line Flake Line you can produce flake ice for versatile use in various quantities.

Product line Flake-Line

Click here for more information on the high-performance flake ice makers with a daily flake ice production performance between 40 kg and 600 kg (and more).

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