Hollow ice cones

WESSAMAT Hohleiskegel

Crystal-clear hollow ice cones impress with their particularly aesthetic form. They are popular among professionals and consumers alike. They create emotions and make a great visual impact. They are easier to handle and to dose than square-sized full cubes and are eye candy in slim cocktail or long drink glasses. Due to the larger surface and the slim form (when compared to full cubes) they release melting water more quickly. Therefore, in case a quick cooling effect is desired when serving and preparing beverages, hollow ice cones are highly recommended.

The production of hollow ice cones is done with the wave technology developed by WESSAMAT, which is used in the machines of the product lines Life-Line, Blue-Line, Top-Line and  Combi-Line.

The ice maker models Z 2000 and Z 2005 of the product line Mega-Line also produce hollow ice cones. However, in order to generate a higher output, they are using the centrifugal technology.
The models of the following product lines produce crystal-clear hollow ice cones in different daily quantities:

Product line Life-Line W 20

Click here for more information on the professional ice maker for exclusive kitchens with a daily ice performance of about 15 kg.

Product line Blue-Line

Click here for more information on this affordable ice maker with daily performances of 18 kg to 58 kg.

Product line Top-Line

Click here for more information on these premium ice makers with daily performances of 24 kg to 180 kg.

Product line Combi-Line

Click here for more information on these high-performance and versatile ice makers for the production of hollow ice cones and crushed ice with daily performances of 80 kg to 240 kg.

Product line Mega-Line
(ice makers Z 2000/Z 2005)

Click here for more information on these high-performance ice makers for a daily requirement starting at 800 kg.


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