Scale Ice

Scherbeneis - Scale Ice

Scale ice is predominantly used for cooling purposes during storage and transportation of commodities. Due to its constant temperature of minus 6°C to minus 8°C, it is used in market halls, C&C markets as well as in food retail for storing and displaying fish and sea fruits. In butcher shops and meat-processing industries, scale ice is traditionally used for the preparation of sausage meat, for cooling the cutting blades and for giving the meat mix the right texture. Scale ice is also used in laboratories, the medical sector and in the chemical industry for storage and transportation purposes.

Since scale ice is visually not really appealing and has sharp edges, it is predominantly used for storage and transportation due to its good cooling properties. In food display, the preferred type of ice is flake ice or ideally Micro-Cube ice for aesthetical reasons.

For the production of scale ice, an evaporator cylinder rotates in a water tank, in which refrigerant is circulating. During the rotation process, an ice layer is formed on the surface of the evaporating cylinder, which is continuously being scraped off by the evaporator fingers and then drops into the storage bin below.

With the following scale ice makers of the product line Flake Line you can produce cool, dry scale ice in various quantities:  

Product line Flake Line – Scale ice makers

Click here for more information on the scale ice makers of the product line Flake Line with daily capacities ranging from 75 kg up to 120 kg (and more).

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